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What Can Emergency Dentists Do in NYC?

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What to Expect from an ER Trip for a Dental Emergency

Tooth pain can be exceptional. And when something unexpected causes serious pain, it can send you rushing to your nearest 24-hour emergency dentist. But, you’ll quickly find that going to an emergency dentist is a slightly different experience than the ER. Being prepared can help you make sure to find relief fast, so you can get back to smiling in no time. 

The Most Common Dental Emergency Room Injuries

Most dental emergencies fall into 4 categories. Knowing what type of injury you have can help you understand what to expect when you visit an emergency dentist. Teeth can be cracked, broken, loosened(mobility), or knocked out completely aka an avulsion. These injuries are simply due to trauma, more specifically a sports injury or an accident.

Additionally, trauma to the mouth can create other issues. There can be bleeding, toothaches, swelling or worse, a fracture in the jaw.  Typically, depending on the severity, you should have x-rays done, panorex or a 3d x-ray to evaluate the jaw for any fractures in addition to the smaller localized x-rays for teeth to be evaluated individually.

How Dental Emergency Rooms Treat Minor Tooth Injuries

If Your emergency dentist is in a hospital setting, the dentist on call will write you a prescription for and antibiotic and a pain medicine and refer you to private office ASAP. They may also be able to administer some local anesthetic for pain management. In some cases, they may be able to remove the tooth. However, typically its handled with a prescription for pain as most hospitals aren’t truly prepared for dental emergencies. In addition, a fractured tooth can break off and end up in the surrounding soft tissue. In this case it will need to be removed and sutured- for example a piece of your tooth can enter the lip.

The Best Course of Action for a Dental Emergency

Look for a  trusted 24/7 emergency dentist.  A referral is best from someone you know.

Can I See My Normal Dentist for Emergency Services? 

While you may have a trusted dentist you’ve known over the years, it’s important to remember that not all dentists provide or are prepared for  emergency services. Injuries are rarely convenient, meaning that you may need emergency services outside of business hours. When that happens, you’ll need to find a trusted emergency dentist to help you. Your general dentist may not be comfortable treating a traumatic injury to the mouth.

What Should You Do If You Need an Emergency Dentist?

If you’re suffering from any dental emergency, experiencing pain, bleeding or swelling, you need to be seen immediately. Waiting could cost you your teeth and do more damage in the long run. Plus, it’s not worth waiting in agony until an appointment opens up. If you’re living in NYC and looking for a emergency dentist, then you should contact Advanced Dental Arts NYC. We do have late hours and conveniently able to be contacted  through texting or calling our office number or contacting us through Instagram: @Advanceddentalarts

Whether you’re experiencing extreme pain from an abscess, tooth fractures, or even broken/knocked out teeth, do not hesitate to seek our help. We have staff standing by, ready for same-day dental emergencies. Our office is a multi specialty office with and oral surgeon, endodontist and every specialist in the dental field. Don’t suffer any longer. Contact Advanced Dental Arts now.

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