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Gum Disease Can Cause Dangerous Health Conditions 

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Health Problems Associated with Periodontal Disease

At first glance, gum disease may seem like something that while unfortunate, is mostly a cosmetic issue. However, that is far from the case. Untreated gum disease can cause a variety of health problems. And if you’re putting off a LANAP procedure to restore your gum health, you need to be aware of what you’re risking. Mainly, untreated gum disease can lead to several dangerous health conditions.

The Dangers of Gum Infections

Various studies have found links between patients with periodontitis and serious health concerns. Your gums work to protect your body from the various bacteria found in your mouth. Once gum disease starts to break that barrier down, you open yourself up to several serious illnesses.  

  • Diabetes: People with diabetes have an increased risk of gum disease due to inflammation. Uncontrolled diabetes further increases the risk.
  • Dementia: Gum disease could increase the risk of dementia as studies show that people with advanced gum disease also had problems with their memory. 
  • Heart Disease: people with gum disease are more likely to have a family history of heart disease and poor heart health.
  • Premature Birth: Though not conclusive, some studies have shown that patients with gum disease have a higher chance of delivering a baby before term. 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Patients with RA and periodontitis have a higher rate of tooth loss than those without it. And the effects of RA decreased for patients in one study after the patients treated their gum disease. 

Effects of Periodontal Disease on Systemic Health

While the links are far from clear, many doctors believe that bacteria infecting the gums can break off into the bloodstream and cause damage to other organs. Another area of concern is inflammation, which can cause spread throughout the body. When that happens, it can also highlight existing, serious health conditions. 

Periodontal disease invites infection into your body by weakening your immune system. In turn, that can affect your overall health in the long run. Waiting to treat your gum disease only puts your health at further risk.

Treatment for Gum Disease

The best treatment to prevent periodontitis is proper oral hygiene. Brushing properly for 2 minutes, twice a day and flossing can go a long way to reducing plaque build-up on your teeth. Once gum disease advances to gingivitis, it’s best to see a dentist near you for a professional tooth cleaning and check-up. 

While you can cure gingivitis on its own, it’s always good to be certain that there isn’t an underlying cause that may need medical treatment. 

However, once gum disease advances to periodontitis, it cannot be cured by brushing alone. Instead, you’ll need to seek treatment from a dentist or your local periodontist to restore your gum health.

LANAP Procedure for Gum Disease Treatment

Traditional gum surgery used to be the only method to treat advanced gum disease. Dentists had to first perform a deep cleaning, then surgically remove the infected tissue with a scalpel before applying sutures to reconnect gums to the teeth. It was a long and painful process. Patients would take weeks to recover.

Luckily, LANAP offers a much less invasive solution. During a LANAP procedure, your dentist or periodontist will perform a deep cleaning like before, but they’ll use a special laser that kills the bad bacteria in your mouth. This is a much better alternative to a scalpel because it’s less painful and heals much faster. They’ll also use the laser to form clots, healing the gums closer to the teeth. The procedure takes around 2 hours and the recovery time is 24 hours.

Finding a LANAP Procedure in New York City

If you’re looking for a LANAP procedure in Manhattan, then you should check out Advanced Dental Arts. We’re a top-rated dental practice with a team of board-certified dental health specialists located near you. And we have a team of highly trained staff with a track record of successful LANAP procedures ready to help treat all stages of gum disease.

From general dentistry to LANAP procedures, you’ll find all of your dental treatments under one roof at Advanced Dental Arts. Don’t wait any longer. Your perfect smile is one phone call away.

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