Genesis Suero visits ADA for Veneers

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Genesis Suero visits ADA for Veneers

  • user.pngDr. Todd Bertman
  • calendar-silhouette.png10 Nov

Advanced Dental Arts Welcomes Miss New York USA!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting our very own, Miss NY USA, Genesis Suero as a patient. She is very charismatic, kind and photogenic. She came to the office with the concern of improving her smile after some relapse in post orthodontic treatment.

The approach I decided to take was to improve her already beautiful smile by a non-preparation veneer, otherwise known as the minimal prep veneer or NatraVeneers. This type of veneer is Ultrathin. This was chosen so that we do not have to cut or re-shape her natural teeth, “shave” or cut any teeth, and to preserve her enamel. We could have done orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign but the Miss USA Competition was drawing near!

Veneer Process

So, I teamed up with our smile specialist and super talented prosthodontist to carefully create a treatment plan for this case carefully. Dr. Lyu is one of the best around and specializes in creating a natural smile to enhance your overall appearance.

Dr. Lyu immediately knew what we wanted to achieve and knew the perfect laboratory for the challenge at hand. Without removing any enamel, impressions were taken and several veneers were fabricated. With this method, special care is taken to create the shade of the veneer—this is most difficult due to the thinness and translucency.

After approximately a week of fabricating these little beauties, Miss NY USA popped in for the try-in of the veneers and subsequently the final cementation. The final results were nothing less than stunning—no needles and no drills necessary.

To find out if you’re a candidate for this type of dental solution, get in touch with us to set up a consultation anytime.

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